*Toppers are custom made to order and take about 2-4 weeks to be built and shipped.*


This dramatically styled cap features a built-in 2" diameter tubular roof rack and fairing along with pop-out side windows and a large rear window. Bike, Ski and surfboard carriers are commercially available for the rack.

Super Sport
This dynamic design from SNUGTOP combines a gracefully contoured side window with an extra-large rear window to provide a look that complements the factory styling. The rear side window pops out for ventilation.


Snugtopā€™s all-new sleek and stylish REBEL, is an economical top of the line quality truck cap that provides maximum value.  It features a large curved all-glass rear door for great style, functionality and visibility. The Rebel also boasts the popular center-mounted pop-out lock and rotary latches.


For top of the line styling, choose Nouveau. It features a recessed, dark tint side split windows. The front is stationary, and the rear screened windows tip-out. The twist handle rear door, third brake light, framed front picture window and carpeted interior are standard.

Toppers are made to order and take 2-4 weeks to be built and shipped. 
Century's Royal Series of fiberglass truck caps is perhaps the most sleek and contemporary of its kind. An industry-first all-glass, compound-curved rear door; flush-mounted LED third brake light and curved side windows add to the Royal's "GQ" good looks and appeal. The tight fit and smooth flowing lines will make your pickup truck look like a luxury SUV.